AsphalTech has been purposely designed to bind any non-plastic material into a useful wearing course seal. Worldwide, virtually all asphalt binders are now being modified with polymers, to increase performance.

AsphalTech is a modified polymer, in direct competition to conventional asphalts. It is mixed and applied as a cold mix, using standard paving equipment. Furthermore, AsphalTech can be applied manually or by hand, where job creation and employment reduction is important. AsphalTech, will not bleed in the summer heat. The elastomer properties on AsphalTech, ensures that the material mix does not become brittle and does not crack. Polymer modification when compared to conventional asphalt, causes significant changes in the stress-strain behavior, the creep response and the non-newtonian flow patterns. The ability of AsphalTech polymers to elastically recover (creep response measured by monitoring the flow of a material under a load, and its elastic recovery when the load is removed) gives added durability to the AsphalTech seal and thereby reduces potholing. AsphalTech binder properties can reduce rutting, raveling, thermal cracking and stripping in the mix, as well as increase the stability and fatigue life.



  • Cost effective
  • Utilize any non-plastic aggregate
  • No gas burners or fire required
  • Reduced potholing
  • Can be used to repair potholes in conventional blacktop seals
  • AsphalTech can be used to seal existing tar roads

 Typical Uses

  • Sealing of Roadtech stabilized roads
  • Sealing of conventional roads
  • Cost effective thin slurry seals (10 – 20mm)
  • Pre-mixes for pothole repairs