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What is it?

1) SAFE & SECURE - Room shelter anti ABC (Atomic, Biologic, Chimical attack) - Walltech for walls
2) SMART & CONNECTED HOME - technology fueled by PoE and IoT: Artificial intelligence, smart lighting, smart locks, home monitoring, surveillance, detection tools, sensors bed, etc.

3) GREEN & AUTONOMOUS - photovoltaic solar panels, gas turbines, wind turbines, water generator, air purificator, AC, energy storage, option for an aquaponic culture garden etc.
4) 3D DIGITAL ARCHITECTURE - visible before construction To offer you the most harmonious home


How is it SMART ?​

The term “smart home” is used to describe a home that uses technology to allow the home’s systems and electronics to communicate with one another, be controlled by a time schedule, and even be remotely activated from a smartphone or other web enabled device. Smart technologies used in a connected home are from these different categories:

  • Networking

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Home Security/Monitoring and Home Automation

  • Energy Management

  • Healthcare, Fitness and Wellness

How Is a Smart Home Green?

A few of the systems that can be controlled by smart home technology include lighting, temperature, and security systems. The television, coffee pot, hot tub, computer and stereo are examples of appliances and electronics that you can manage remotely with smart home technology. Smart home automation reduce your home’s energy consumption and in doing so make it greener. And you’ll be glad to know that there is an ever growing range of affordable smart home technologies.

Control the temperature of your hose, minimize your carbon footprint.

Produce your own water with the H2OTECH

Be energetically independent, store energy for the future.

Light your home and gain control over the waste of energy.

Take advantage of smart window treatment systems and l reduce your home’s HVAC energy consumption.

Get a smart irrigation system to save thousands of gallons of water (and hundreds of dollars) a year.

 Smart home systems also allow you the opportunity to monitor your home’s energy usage and make adjustments to further reduce your environmental impact and save even more money.

Live in harmony with yourself. Nature. The World.


Be ready for any global crisis.


I share the same vision and want to be part of this revolution.

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