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An alliance of ancestral methods with an up-to-date sustainable technology

  • Total resistance to fire propagation

  • Moisture barrier

  • Unlimited lifetime

  • Extreme strength: withstands a weight of over 80t, twice as strong as concrete

  • 10x better thermal resistance than cement and concrete

  • Acts as a natural air conditioner: keeps your home warm in winter and the natural coolness of your home in summer

  • Increase the air quality in your interior

  • Reduction of 30 to 40% of your energy bill

  • Exceptional comfort and various exterior finishes

  • Dry installation: self-interlocking

  • Ideal - construction from your land's raw material or clay, construction site soil and construction waste mixed with our proprietary copolymer solution, acting as an effective binder.

I share the same vision and want to be part of this revolution.

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