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Same benefits as the SmartBrick!

  • Total resistance to fire propagation

  • Moisture barrier

  • Unlimited lifetime

  • Extreme strength: withstands a weight of over 80t, twice as strong as concrete

  • 10x better thermal resistance than cement and concrete

  • Acts as a natural air conditioner: keeps your home warm in winter and the natural coolness of your home in summer

  • Increase the air quality in your interior

  • Reduction of 30 to 40% of your energy bill

  • Exceptional comfort and various exterior finishes


In a few words... it is ​PERFECT FOR:

  • Energy Saving

  • Environment in general

  • High-Performance Quad R Insulation

  • Healthy home to breathe in

  • Fire resistance

  • Allows your home to breathe

  • Superior impact resistance

  • Painting

  • Every kind of use (construction)

  • 3D constructions or Galvanized Steel constructions


  • Wind & Storm Blow Off

  • Wavy Walls

  • Corrosion

  • Moisture in your walls

  • Installation Errors

  • Hail Damage

  • Color Fading

Save time, money and protect the environment!

The turnaround time is shorter, because implementation is simplified. Either you chose the slabs or the bricks, no need for mortar preparation (unless you chose to do your own bricks at home with your own land !).

The achievement of thermal performance is also faster, because the walls dry faster.

No need to pose an additional insulation.

Compliance with Thermal Regulation RT 2012
Our Smartbricks and Walltech Slabs provide thermal inertia : they have a great ability to "store" heat and release it. Our solutions are compatible and adapted to RT 2012.

In simple words : during winter, your home is still warm and cosy, naturally. During summer, your wall will keep your house fresh and nice. All this, with improving the air quality you breathe!

I share the same vision and want to be part of this revolution.

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