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dreamhouse is our best seller. In its office version as well as Airbnb.

Dream House Smarthouse Cabin Lodge Garden

Dream House Smarthouse Cabin Lodge for Your Garden

from €28.900,00

Unit price
Smart Office XS, S, M, Perfect Pod Smarthouse

Smart Office XS, S, M, L - Perfect Office Pod Smarthouse

from €12.300,00

Unit price

smart offices

Perfect soundproof office from S to XXL

Our Office pods create more efficient and happier workplaces.

Perfect for: open spaces and great size and middle size companies, artists, therapists, consultant, manual workers... who want to have their own private office / studio in their garden.

Comes in different size and fully equipped according to YOUR needs.

To get a special quote for your special needs, do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any question we would be glad to jump on a call and discuss, if the answer was not on our FAQ already...