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"Stella Clavisque Maris Indici"

Throughout world's history, Mauritius has always been a strategic hub due to its geographical position as described on the country's coat of arms: The Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean.

From the time of the Compagnie des Indes being a nerve center of maritime routes, until today physically connecting the West to the East by the multiple optical fibers that pass through it, Mauritius confirms more than ever its reputation of "Tiger of the Indian Ocean".

Mauritius being politically neutral, it maintains good commercial and political relations with all the countries bordering the Indian Ocean. 

Mauritius is for the African Continent, what Singapore is to Asia. Thus, the island was a logical and strategic choice for the establishment of Global Reality Ltd, as a subsidiary of Global Group LLC.

Global Reality aims to develop in the region through strategic partnerships in order to sell its avant-garde construction technologies, as well as its many services related to renewable energies and the green economy.

World economists all agree that the future of the world will depend on the Indian Ocean for decades to come.

Global Reality has positioned itself to be part of it.





I share the same vision and want to be part of this revolution.

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