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Dreamhouses get their way to the US !

Dreamhouses get their way to the US !

It's official and it's breaking the market... 

Global Reality is now delivering the US.

Our partner CabinHomes just wrote a fabulous article about our Dreamhouses and you can read it and share it here.

A quality product with a small carbon footprint, the Dream House isn’t just convenient, it’s been expertly crafted by leading professionals with the latest green technology. Let’s break down the unique advantages: 

  • Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient.  Designed by professionals dedicated to utilizing renewable energy and revolutionary technologies, your Dream Home has been specifically engineered to be as efficient as possible. You can feel good about this eco-friendly investment. 

  • Quick Delivery.  From order to delivery, your Dream Home will take less than 3 months to arrive, but oftentimes much sooner depending on the shipping location. A new home unit within 3 months? Take that Amazon Prime. 

  • Easy Installation. The Dream Home comes delivered in a shipping container, already built so the installation process is quick and easy - all handled by the experts at Global Reality.

  • Affordable. The fully equipped tiny Dream Home is currently available for just under $34,000, while the fully equipped, standard Dream House is available for just under $56,000. Fully functional and ready to go, you can’t go wrong. 

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