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Is cabin a good investment ?

Is cabin a good investment ?

Summer, winter, or anytime in between, buying a cabin is a good investment if you approach it strategically. More than a cozy spot for your own vacations, a cabin could also give you the opportunity to earn some extra income, if you choose to use it as a vacation rental. The cabin investor should want to buy a cabin genuinely for themselves first, but have it available and properly equipped to rent out when they are not using it.

Whether you’re considering the mountains of Washington or the slopes of Portugal, our expert team is ready to share their knowledge about purchasing a cabin. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Read on to find out more, or contact us and we'll talk you through it.

3 perks of buying a cabin

1. Getaways in the great outdoors have never been better

If you first thought about purchasing a cabin for your own nature-filled vacations, you’re not alone. Travelers across the world are increasingly interested in places like that, so a cabin is one way you could capitalize on that demand.

Our data shows an increase in the number of guests searching for cabin rentals in mountain destinations or nature destinations in general.

2. You might land yourself some land

Some cabins are situated on larger lots, giving you a couple of bonuses. Privacy is one major advantage—if you choose a cabin with some land around it, you (and your guests) can enjoy peaceful vacations without neighbors right nearby.

In addition, since land is inherently in limited supply, it has historically tended to increase in value over time. So, for instance, if you buy a log cabin that’s on a large lot, you may have the chance to see your investment appreciate in the long run.

3. There’s no place like home (in the mountains)

There’s something about a cabin that just feels timeless. Cabin destinations lend themselves especially well to nostalgic activities, like fishing and sledding, that you or your guests might have enjoyed as kids. Buying a cabin can give you and your guests a place to revisit old hobbies, spend time connecting with friends and family, and make new memories.

How to maximize your cabin investment

Buy a cabin at the right time

Sometimes, timing is everything—and purchasing a cabin is no exception. Cabin owners who are looking to sell can command top dollar in peak season and the month or two leading up to it, when there are more visitors and the market is in highest demand. So, if you’re looking for a deal or the lowest prices, your best bet is most likely to shop around in the off-season.

For ski locations, you’ll probably see more competition in late fall (when anticipation for ski season is high) or winter. To give yourself more opportunity to negotiate, you could consider browsing in the spring or summer. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of buying a lake cabin, you might want to avoid the most popular summer months.

Invest in a cabin in the right location

It probably comes as no surprise that if you’re buying a cabin, you’ll want to prioritize location. Think about the location of your cabin investment both generally (Are you near a national park? A ski resort? A river?) and specifically (Is your cabin directly on the water, or a couple miles away?).

Lastly, it’s a good idea in general to look closely at vacation properties that are within a few hours’ driving distance of larger cities. That gives you a pool of potential guests who are already nearby—which is useful since many people currently prefer road trips. 

Choose smart cabin amenities

When you think of investing in a cabin rental, think beyond a stereotypical rustic, one-room log building. With the right vacation rental amenities, a cabin can become a spacious family gathering place, a luxurious retreat, or a perfect remote-work getaway. Here are some more cabin rental amenities to consider that may help you maximize your property’s potential:

  • High-speed internet: A strong internet connection can attract guests looking for a cozy vacation home where they can do remote work or online school.
  • Hot tub: Guests seem to agree that a hot tub enhances any chilly mountain vacation.
  • Pet-friendliness: For many guests with dogs, renting a cabin wouldn’t be the same without Fido there to enjoy hiking, swimming, or romping in the snow. So, consider allowing pets at your cabin—it pays off. 

It’s also wise to make sure your cabin has amenities that suit the type of guests you expect to host. Got a snug one-bedroom cabin that’s totally off the grid? You’re probably going to host a few romantic getaways, so a fireplace or fire pit could be nice to have. Buying a cabin with five bedrooms that’s perfect for families? See if there’s a room that could fit a ping-pong table, or high ceilings that can suit bunk beds for the kids.

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